Shape behaviours, not values

It is all about Jane, Jack, Simon, Sophie or Denise

Your unique culture is not about values (did you notice that pretty much all companies have the same values?). Your culture is about what people do everyday. Culture is not defined a priori, it is an outcome.

What we think and say is not always what we do. What shapes the culture is not what we think, it is what we do. So, at humanize, we can help you run your purpose / mission / vision / values workshops, but don’t stop there. But please, don’t stop there if you want real impact: ttranslate them into everyday behaviours. Your culture will laugh at your vision/mission and purpose until your dream has taken shape and form through daily shopfloor behaviours of the majority of your people. So that’s where you need to focus most of your effort, and limit the time spent in boardrooms crafting messages and concepts.

So what should you focus on? Well, on what Jane does when she witnesses a leader not respecting an employee, on how Jack reacts when he experiences failure, on how Simon makes most problems he faces an opportunity to learn, on what Sophie decides to do and say to her manager when the process she works on is suboptimal, on how Denise decides to behave when one of her colleagues takes a risk for his safety or health etc… All everyday ways to react to concrete situations!

From board to shopfloor

Through carefully crafted workshops and a mix of top-down and bottom-up approaches, our senior experienced consultants at humanize will help you design and clearly communicate your purpose, vision and values. But they we will also take you 2 steps further: 1°) help all your employees translate these into concrete desired behaviours, 2°) put in place the operating system that will help embed those behaviours in their daily life, leveraging the power of informal peer-to-peer networks on top of the more formal leadership.

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