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Clients who come to us say...

My people need to
switch gear

“My company is undergoing significant change (eg merger, digital switch, new business model, rapid growth, strategic repositioning, geographic expansion…). I need my people to switch gear, be more creative, truly collaborate, solve problems faster... How can I get them to change the way they work so that we are successful as a company in this new model?
Please help me…”

I need to improve

“I know I have the capabilities internally to succeed, great people, super products and the right strategy. I have tried everything. Yet, I am still not able to change the daily behaviours of employees on sense of urgency, performance and accountability… and execute the strategy. This damages our agility and profitability big time.
If only someone could guide me to crack this…”

I want to try something

“Believe me, I tried traditional consulting approaches from big consultancies. They lectured me, costed me a fortune and failed. If only I could find an alternative way, a knowledgeable partner closer to us and our specific needs. I want a true partner, who speaks our language, who challenges us. I need a 'doer' who comes with concrete solutions and help us implement them on the ground.
Surprise me!”


Concrete results

with hard data and a big heart

Our solution

How do we bring value?

At humanize, we love DATA. Not for the sake of them, but for what they can allow to do, i.e. change daily behaviours of your employees to improve your business results. Because strategy and culture are two sides of the same coin.

Expect first results within 6 months

We deliver one-off interventions tailored to your needs: facilitating purpose definition workshops, helping reframe mental maps and collective stories circulating in your company, leading key processes optimization initiatives, igniting the power of your informal networks, training & coaching your leaders and managers, ...
We can also partner with you on a 12 months+ fully integrated culture shaping programme (in 4 phases as described below).

– Co-create vision & purpose through tailored workshops with management and selected employees.

– Uncover mental maps constraining behaviours in your organization today through f2f interviews and focus groups

– Diagnose and categorize your current culture, using top of the art external quantitative tools as well as internal hard and soft data.

– Define or upgrade desired behaviours consistent with diagnostic and vision. Reframe collective stories that will accelerate their adoption

– Discover the level of maturity of your organization (people, leaders, processes) to choose your battles and select and sequence the most efficient interventions that will trigger the change. Establish the change plan.

– Map and revisit the “hidden organization” using Organizational Network Analysis (ONA), i.e. the interpersonal informal network behind the official orgchart. Get confirmation of who are your top 5% informal influencers, i.e. your “change angels”.

More about Organizational Network Analysis 

– Activate leaders and change angels through peer-to-peer dialogues, webinars, workshops, individual & group coaching (different approaches in different project phases). Support them over time with dedicated activities.

– Help reengineer HR processes into culture compatible ways of working (recognition, conflict management, talent management, performance management, promotions, training etc…)

– Coach leaders of your key strategic initiatives to make them culture proof (EHS, quality, continuous improvement, DE&I, learning etc…)

– Sense & measure progress. Collect and leverage stories to reinforce the movement.

More about our approach here

Our goal at humanize is to become redundant as fast as possible, and build capabilities at your company. Our fully integrated culture shaping programme will also provide:

– A customizable set of deliverables of the internal orchestration team in each of the 4 project phases

– A set of sensing & measuring tools to keep tracking progress and reinforcing the movement

– A unique set of reinforcing tools: circulation of stories, peer-to-peer recognition systems, culture group coaching etc…

Mentoring and coaching of your internal team to become autonomous when orchestrating the change.

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What people say about us

Hilton Barbour

Culture Champion & Writer

Nico is a true culture catalyst. If you are looking for someone to help your organization accelerate deep and profound change, seek him out.

Gagen MacDonald

Juselly French

OD Internal Consultant

Nico elevates empathy from a trait to a science to engage your broader organization and mobilize towards change. The results achieved are testament to his experience and rigor in practice.


Thi Minh Toa Tran

Director, Procurement Head Belgium

Nicolas looks for great insights on what people need and is your perfect partner to build a work environment we all deserve


Philip Atkinson

Founder and CEO

Nico thinks deeper and harder than most people about problems, and then has the ability to follow through and deliver too! I love his smart analytical approach to sustainable change at work.


Neil Farmer


When you first talk with Nico, the discussions are always exciting! When you work with Nico, practical and effective results become the norm.

Informal Networks Ltd

Deb Zehner

Director of Applied Research

Nico’s perseverance, compelling vision, clear communications, listening skills, and ability to tackle challenges, will be critical to the success of your projects, like they have been for mine.


Leandro Herrero


In Nico’s world, both hard data organization analytics and the complexity of human behaviour are under the same roof. That’s why it’s so refreshing to work with him.

The Chalfont Project

Andras Vicsek

Chairman of the Board of Directors

When you are working with Nicolas you always feel that you are in the right hands and constantly being challenged to think outside of your stereotypes and schemes. Fun and stretching.

Maven 7 / Orgmapper


We are…


...and very serious about it

Who we are

Nicolas (Nico) Petit, the sharp reliable human eyes behind Humanize


Visionary, inspiring, challenging


Dedicated, pragmatic, result oriented


Curious, authentic, passionate


Seasoned executive, Nicolas was the Senior Director of Global Culture Transformation in a Fortune 500 company and has 25 years of industry experience in manufacturing, R&D, and commercial operations. He is a lean & 6 sigma black belt, has 20 years of change practitioner experience, and is also a certified agile coach and executive coach. He owns degrees in business and in data science. He speaks French and English fluently

Passionate about networks and data, Nicolas and his team will offer you an always fresh, often provocative, sometimes eye opening view of your organization’s dynamics and how to change it.

Our philosophy

A snapshot of how we think

Inspired? Intrigued?

think different

Soft is hard(er)

Alignment: the big illusion

Culture as a survival kit

Shape behaviours, not values

Yes, you can measure culture!

Don’t overcommunicate

Your company is a copying machine

Map your change angels


Your organization is a living being

Carefully orchestrate

Your culture is watching you

The ‘culture barbecue’ approach

Measure: what, how, but primarily why

If you’ve read our article on the barbecue approach, you will understand why measuring & sensing culture needs to be done in a very different way. Here are a few hints on how we will help you step back to build an impatcful measurement strategy :


Culture is a comet: it is in constant movement. In culture shaping, we are therefore more interested in impacting the trajectory the culture is on rather than focusing on its destination. In the space of culture, there is no such thing as a « target » or a « destination ».


The way the data is collected should help people step back, listen to their private voice, think about their current behaviour and question its relevance.


The way data is analyzed should contribute to identify “hot places”, collect stories of where it goes well, prepare to replicate by telling those stories to others, make them jealous. This is on purpose very different from the way we usually use KPIs, i.e. to concentrate efforts and investments on where it doesn’t go as planned.


The way results are communicated should help activate 2 critical emotional triggers of behavioural change:

1°) being part of a positive momentum – as an example: “already 80% of people challenge themselves on how they see solutions more than problems”,

2°) play on the group pressure effect – “are you one of them?” – “what about you?”. The little private voice will then « torture » you until you join the movement.

We are totally crazy about…


...with sense and sensibility


We have a responsibility towards SOCIETY, to transform creativity into products, ideas into commercial success, energy into progress, dreams into reality. We want to help businesses deliver true value to society and contribute to change the World for a sustainable future.

We have a responsibility towards LEADERS of your company to bring them real added value, pushing the limits, challenging the status quo, bringing out-of-the-box transformative ideas. We deliver second to none support to move the needle and truly change internal dynamics in your organization.

We have a responsibility towards PEOPLE. It is no longer acceptable to continue with mechanistic approaches of our businesses that lead to people putting their mask on when they come to work, going into burnout or quitting. With openness, respect and kindness, we want to transform workplaces into sustainable ecosystems where people come as they are, and can thrive by being the very best version of themselves.

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For all of our services, we bring wisdom and experience with a secret sauce made of heart and guts, and a few surprising drops of irreverent craziness:

CONSULTING | Guide you in defining the purpose, vision, strategy, organizational structure and cultural elements that will enable strategic alignment and drive your business forward.

DELIVERING | Shape with you a culture and work environment where your people can thrive. Thriving people are the Engine of your innovation, performance and reputation.

MOTIVATING | Deliver motivational speeches and customized interventions for leaders and their squads around purpose, change, culture, teamwork, feedback, coaching and more…

COACHING | Customized support (surprising workshops, out of the box group exercises, individual and culture group coaching…) to unleash the potential of individuals and teams and achieve greater results.

Check out our new crazy TEAMERSIVE offer for team dynamics: a transformative data driven virtual reality unforgettable experience.


CEOs which companies is at a turning point in their business model. What they have in common:

– Sometimes disappointed by the level of collaboration in their organization, struggling to unleash the full potential of their people. Goal: be more innovative and make the strategy happen.


– Often ready to try a different more modern approach than traditional change management. Goal: work with someone experienced, pragmatic and flexible who speaks our language and gets things done, away from clever consultants lost in concepts and plans.

– Always willing to have more agility and resilience, willingness to improve, and employees that take accountability to solve problems faster. Goal: higher levels of performance and profitability.


It doesn’t matter if you are David or Goliath. To us, head, heart and guts matter more than size. In us, our clients usually like our knowledge and insights, our vision, drive, passion, and openness. But also our big heart, our ability to listen, and a touch of playfulness. What will YOU like in humanize? … TRY US!

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We are based in Belgium, taking clients based out of Europe mostly, but also working with a network of trusted partners from India, the US, Brazil and beyond…

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