Culture change and organizational network analysis

Culture change and organizational network analysis

Invited by a Think Tank in Basel / Switzerland, Nicolas Petit delivered a talk to industry professionals about the power of data to change culture.

Click here to see a short video capturing the buzz in the room

Some of the quotes of people who attended:

« Thank you… Nicolas… for inspiring insights and thanks to the buzzing audience for wonderful discussions and exchange of thoughts about living organisations and how to support their culture changes – I now see barbecue from a different perspective »

« Thanks for this wonderful time and learning, never thought I would learn one day about BBQ humility »

« So many noteworthy takeaways. One that particularly resonated with me – telling stories is one of the best ways to spread cultures.  »

« What an inspiring event, and great buzz indeed!! »

« Amazing session! I learnt so much! thanks so much to Philip Atkinson, PCC for organizing and the two amazing presenters Nicolas Petit and Hemerson Paes! »