Yes culture can be measured !

Measure culture

You believe in data? We too. At Humanize, we are convinced culture is measurable and quantifiable, much more easily than you would maybe think. Forget about employee satisfaction surveys or One-size-fits-all assessment tools based on rhetorical conceptual intellectual questions, what you need is to measure actual behaviours.

Until new technologies allow to do this in real time with real life observations, you can poll people in a clever way to extract the information you need. Many tools available on the market allow you to know which behaviours are being adopted and which culture they create as a result. We have our own way to do it. Contact us.

Measure impact of culture

The really interesting thing to do with culture measurement is not so much to measure culture itself, but to understand wether your culture has impact on your business, where, why and how. Multiple soft and hard data points can be collected but the complex dashboard it generates is not always very actionable. You want a simple model telling you which elements of culture to focus on in order to reach targeted business impacts? It can be done.

Indeed, statistical tools applied to measured behaviours (through pysychometric tests for the time being) can deliver surprisingly accurate descriptions of your current culture. More interestingly, it provides quantified insights into which of your key business priorities is impacted by your culture, and how. Even more interesting, it can also predict where your culture is taking your business going forward. It is called “inference” in statistics. You can apply it to your culture with your own psychometric data, and easily determine, based on your own data in your own context, what behaviours need to be pushed and in which sequence, in order to get to the impact you want. How to do that exactly? Reach out to us. We are among a handful of distributors Worldwide allowed to use the award winning “Culture Scope” tool in Europe.

Measure to accelerate impact of culture

Let’s take it one level further. What if measurement was in fact an intervention in itself? What if by the act of measuring you could not only retrieve information on progress made, but also accelerate the culture shaping movement? What if the main objective of measurement was in fact less to track progress and more to create healthy tension for individuals. Indeed, behavioural science tells you that sharing a few concrete, simple and credible facts demonstrating that the desired culture is already being lived, can have 2 powerful effects: 1°) it provides social proof that things have started to change, 2°) it creates tension in you to want to « fit in » with the rest of the herd. This powerful force pulls people into faster adoption of desired behaviours. Curious to know how to put such impactful measures in place? Ask us